Posted on July 7, 2010

“The Magic In Life” series of films by DMNikas is designed to enlighten, entertain and inspire – to produce universal messages that affect individual lives in positive ways through the use of creative imagery. This is a “not for profit” initiative. “The Magic In Life” short films can only continue through your friendship & financial support – thank you!


  1. Rob Green:

    Well Michael you show us once again how big a heart you have. You have created a little bit of MAGIC – great job!

    02.07.2010 00:08

  2. Winnie Quinn Dismatsek:

    This was such a worthwhile project. It was an emotional rollercoaster for me personally. I enjoyed the whole process from the friends I made, the laughs shared and the tears shed. Gail, Colin, Victoria , Bobby, Kristin and the rest of the cast worked with such enthusiasm and were tireless. The crew worked harmoniously with filming, sound and film editing. Suzanne: her spirit is overwhelming! Chantelle’s voice amazing! Finally, my dear husband, our Michael was incredibly focused, produced and directed a super, creative and moving film that has universal content and appeal. Kudos ! I love you!
    For all women and men going through this journey: I hope there is ‘magic in your life’
    Peace and love ,

    02.08.2010 11:47


    Oh …. My ….. Dear …… GOD! As I shed my tears all I have to say is M A G N I F I C E N T !! Absolutely stunningly magnificent! Its breath taking and I can only imagine – given time what your abilities will further develop – but You can’t do it without financial support. On behalf of The Hellenic Canadian Real Estate Association (HCREA) I pledge $100.00 from my commissions earned on my next deal, to support your work. Use it as you will! May God bless you, your family and loved ones! I am proud of your accomplishments and as Hellenic friend Michael even moreso.. Hugs and kisses to Winnie and ta kids.

    02.08.2010 13:33

  4. Anastasia Tolias:

    …and just to add as I have just shown this to my friends here on the Danforth, I further pledge to send this link out to my data base and encourage all those who receive this to further circulate it whole heartedly to their database and may on this circulational journey raise funds to continue supporting your work. PLEASE provide information on how we can send funds to you – the wOrLd needs to know – YOU have certainly captured the finest syhnotites, the most sincere and intimate moments of this particular scenario – life’s journey in this particular clip- Filakia polla Anastasia Tolias 2010

    02.08.2010 13:48

  5. JUDY:

    This was very well done and brought tears to my eyes. I will be sending this to all my friends and I will watch this many times.

    03.08.2010 01:10

  6. dmnikas:

    from Facebook …

    SHERI OTTO wrote: “Beautiful … brought tears to my eyes”

    GEORGIA KIRIAKOPOULOS wrote: “wow … this is great! Very moving”

    EVELYN PSALLOUDAKIS wrote: “Thanks Michael. I watched the video from one of your earlier posts and dedicated it to my mother…over 16 years now and she is well…but I think it helps that she’s in Canada! Thank you for making the video and making others aware…that its not the end…it can be overcome!”

    CAROL WOODS wrote: “Loved the editing and how the story progressed with images in such a clear way without relying on dialogue. Well done all!”

    JOAN O’CONNOR wrote: “Agreed … really, really good!”

    KRISTIN STAWIARSKI wrote: “I just got back from a camping trip and am looking at the video.
    It is AMAZING! I really had a great time working working on the film. I am off to Cuba for dance training. I will be back on August 18 if you need anything from me.
    Thank you once again and congrats to the whole team for making it work.”

    03.08.2010 08:53

  7. dmnikas:

    more from Facebook & eMail …

    BLAIR LANCASTER wrote: “It’s wonderful…you should be proud…it’s a winner!”

    CAROL ROSSMAN wrote: “Powerful work Michael. Good for you.”

    CATHIE MILLS wrote: “Wow! Looks great!”

    GARY SIMS wrote: “I just watched The Magic In Life – WOW, awesome job, great story, great video, awesome message.”

    RANDY SIMS wrote: “Hi Michael – I just wanted to say congratulations on a fantastic video. Very real, inspiring and beautifully created. Everyone was fantastic.
    Can’t wait to see the next one. Wonderful job.”

    MINOZAD (from Egypt) wrote: “Very nice and touching. Great job. Excellent directing, editing + effects. Good luck and waiting for more”

    HEATHER GERGOVICH wrote: “Michael! This is amazing! Well done my friend –
    I am glad to see Dr. Ismail. Cheers!”

    03.08.2010 12:59


    Inspiring Mike – I will pass this link around. A story well told in such a short video. That is real magic.

    03.08.2010 14:09


    Mike: WOW, still moving the tears, lol lol we did a 5 star production – music was perfect – all came together. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of something so wonderful . ya baby lol lol

    04.08.2010 09:11

  10. dmnikas:

    more from Facebook & eMail …

    GAIL PUSTELNIK wrote: “Hi Michael, Winnie + da boyz. What a FANTASTIC film all have put together. It really looks AMAZING!
    I can’t stop singing the song! What happened to the Black Diamond scene??
    I hope you are enjoying your summer together, we certainly are! Miss you guys
    Thanks for inviting me into the fold. Chat soon
    GAIL ( Grace)

    Rev. BRUCE DICKSON wrote: “Very powerful presentation Michael. Heartfelt and heart moving.
    On a personal note, it was wonderful to see the pieces fit together and to see “Grandma” Alyson do so well. A star is born! It was fun to share in the making of this show (however small). Take care and hope the East Coast is treating you well.

    STAVROULA LOGOTHETTIS (Greece) wrote: “Congratulations Michael. Very nice and very inspirational. Bravo!”

    FILIO TERZI (Greece) wrote: “Μιχαλη, είναι τόσο ωραίο το υλικό σου και η δουλειά σου. Εγώ σ’ ευχαριστώ που μου δίνεις την ευκαιρία να ηρεμώ και να ταξιδεύω μέσα απ’ τη δική σου ματιά. Να ‘σαι πάντα καλά. Καλή σου συνέχεια σε ότι κάνεις”.

    LINDA LOMAX wrote: “Hey Michael. I just watched “the Magic in Life” film. Awesome job. It made me cry though – my sister has gone through it all. We are also one of the lucky ones. All my best to the boys + Winnie”

    04.08.2010 23:20

  11. KRINIO GIANNIKOU (Greece):

    Your film is really amazing and inspirational – affecting all aspects of life in a very special, simple & positive way. Congratulations! Go on, you have to give us more and more. You have our support, encouragement and love!

    06.08.2010 18:35

  12. dmnikas:

    more from facebook & eMail …

    ANNA BABICH wrote: “Winnie: I was touched by the film. You and Michael did an increadible job! The cast were amazing. While watching, I must admit that I felt an array of emotions from fear, sorrow and in the end elated (with joy)! This cause is near and dear to me and I hope your message reaches many people”. ANNA

    CLARE POTHIER wrote: “Michael, there is a lot of depth and sensitivity in your work. I like the way you profile people as I saw in your V-card website. It is very exciting that there are artists like you around who can document an abundance of life in what seems like a few short minutes. You bring out the fun and the realism in the people you encounter. It tickles the child in me! Thanks, CLARE

    LEE ANN Mac KINNON wrote: “This had to be the BEST video I have seen! I am so pleased to say: I know the couple that made it happen” LEE ANN

    ED RADONIC wrote: “I just watched the film, excellent, very good. I can tell it was a lot of hard work. First class job!” ED

    08.08.2010 11:39

  13. Darius Sokal:

    Hi Michael. A wonderful film that helps put it all into perspective. You have a special gift and I’m glad that you choose to share it with us at UG.

    12.08.2010 14:03

  14. dmnikas:

    more from facebook & eMail …

    COLIN LAPSLEY wrote: “LOVE the film. Congrats on your amazing vision, skills & drive that brought it to where it is Michael! I’ve really enjoyed our projects together so far – here’s to many more! Cheers”

    RICHARD RUDNICKI wrote: “Wow, Michael. Well done. Beautiful work…”

    14.08.2010 18:33

  15. DMNikas:

    CAROLE LAFFOON wrote: “Chantal, your voice never ceases to amaze me. This was a beautiful film, made even more so by you singing to it.”

    17.08.2010 09:15

  16. DMNikas:

    NOEL UZELAC wrote: “I had seen The Magic in Life and thought it was very well produced, invoking yet refreshingly pleasant, with very good actors!”

    17.08.2010 09:17

  17. DMNikas:

    KIM Mac DONNELL wrote: “Hi Winnie,I just watched “The Magic In Life” film – its amazing actually brought me to tears. I had a breast lump removed 2 years ago – a pretty terrifying time, I was very lucky for it not to have been CA but now a have a beautiful scar and when i say beautiful i mean it …it reminds me everyday how lucky I am :) Keep up the beautiful work!”

    17.08.2010 14:56


    Great job Michael, Winnie, Ti et all !! Powerful imagery and storytelling ! Your videography just gets better and better !! Kudos !

    17.08.2010 15:17

  19. DMNikas:

    *** CONGRATULATIONS “The Magic In Life” is now one of the FINALISTS in the Breast Fest Film Fest competition. Online public voting runs from Sep 15th to Oct 17th, 2010 ***

    04.09.2010 09:32

  20. Anastasia Tolias:

    Bravo Michael!!! B R A V O !!

    17.09.2010 03:40

  21. Alisa Deptuck:

    So beautifully done. Such an inspiring short film for women of all ages. Gail (Grace) I am so proud of you and your radiance just brightened through this adventure for a cause. I am blessed to be your cousin. I love the stars in the background on this website. Beneath one of them rests a remarkable man that raised you to be the incredible person you are. The strength and will of togetherness of the precious lives this illness has strucken. Never give up the fight for survival. Micheal what can I say other than this creation was “Brilliant”!! “God Bless”

    22.09.2010 09:26

  22. Cyndi Fecteau:

    Beautifully done.

    25.09.2010 22:27

  23. Γκαουσι Νινος:

    παρα πολυ καλη η ταινια ..σε κανει να ερχονται τα δακρυα στα ματια σου
    Excellent film – brings tears to your eyes!

    26.09.2010 11:42

  24. dmnikas:

    Comments from Facebook & eMail …

    GREG NISBET wrote: “Didn’t have time to watch all the Breast Fest film finals, but yours is a gorgeous film. You got my vote. I have an intimate knowledge of cancer and you have given a beautiful portrayal of the process”.

    LIZ DelCIANCIO wrote: “Hi Michael, I watched your film and I think you did an excellent job. It is definitely worthy of 1st place!”

    JOHN DeROO wrote: “You’ll reach and positively influence many people with this short film of yours. Nicely done. It was just a few months ago that we were sitting in a restaurant looking at the storyboards. I voted the maximum three times for your effort. Good stuff, Michael”.

    ED RADONIC wrote: “Michael, I voted twice, once for me and once for Roxane…. these things are more of a contest of who has the most ‘friends’ who have nothing to do but vote. It should not be reduced to that – In our opinion, “The Magic In Life” film is a true winner”.

    RON OAKS wrote: “Michael, WOW! I had to watch your film first before replying to you. Of course I am not surprised by your outstanding talent, but that was a very effective inspirational six minutes that you produced! What a beautifully sensitive composite of real life. It also evoked a couple of tears as it is a personally moving reminder to myself, and unfortunately millions of others that have been touched.

    You know you have made a “difference”, when you are able to strike a positive cord with another human being. But, I am certain you have deserved many an accolade in your life for reaching out to so many! Congratulations once again.

    I also made sure to read the credits, and I see there is a great inspiration behind the ‘man’. Her name is Winnie. Congratulations to her as well.
    I like to believe that this film is yet another reflection of the personal bond that you have both found in one another.

    You’ve done it!


    26.09.2010 12:13

  25. physical therapist:

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

    28.09.2010 15:35

  26. dmnikas:

    Comments from Facebook & eMail …

    ELENI MARAGOUDAKI wrote: “Με αυτά τα βίντεο αναβαθμίζεται η δύναμη του fb δινοντας δύναμη και κουράγιο και γνώση στους ανθρώπους!!! Εγώ σε ευχαριστώ!!!”
    English translation: “With this type of FB video , you give strength, courage and knowledge to the people! I thank you!”
    ELENI (Greece)

    30.09.2010 09:31

  27. Private Krankenversicherung Vergleich:

    the valuable content you provided does help the research for my company – appreaciate that.

    – Lucas

    01.10.2010 13:10

  28. Laurel Davey:

    awesome!! had me in tears…I believe in the magic!!

    02.10.2010 15:30

  29. Praca:

    I do thank you for this great post. I definitely liked every little bit of it. I have bookmarked your website to look at the latest stuff you post.

    04.10.2010 12:47

  30. dmnikas:

    Comments from Facebook & eMail …

    SCOTT MARTIN wrote: “A beautiful, touching film. Well done! My friend’s wife is a breast cancer survivor so it really hit home. I will pass this along to all my friends. Take care”.

    06.10.2010 11:37

  31. Doris Whitworth - Trail Buddies:

    Hi Michael and Winnie:

    Fantastic film!!! You have my vote and deserve many acolades.
    Your work is fantastic , you are a very talented man and with Winnie at your side you do wonders.
    The film touched deeply as I have lost many in my family to cancer and some now dealing with it.
    Keep up th e good work and KUDOS to you.

    Doris – Trail Buddie

    16.10.2010 07:56

  32. mallorca autovermietung:

    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    – Kris

    18.10.2010 00:20

  33. Tina Grande:

    This firm moved me to the very core of my being. SPECTACULAR. Congratulations on this fantastic film.
    Best of Luck and God’s Speed to all that are going through this journey.
    Tina Grande

    18.10.2010 10:06

  34. cure for bv:

    Thanks for sharing, I found this story while googling for song lyrics, useful comments and good points made.

    18.10.2010 15:11

  35. dmnikas:

    PETER HILL wrote:
    Hi Michael:

    It is true that the video with the most votes won but the votes were not cast for quality. Had they been, your contribution would have won, hands down! It is, in fact, a little like elections where the best person doesn’t necessarily win most votes.
    I’m glad you are going to keep at it!

    Cheers … PETER

    19.10.2010 00:39

  36. dmnikas:

    Thank you for supporting our film “THE MAGIC IN LIFE” … we are extremely proud of the way it has been received by everyone!

    All you need to see is the positive comments that we are receiving daily in our website: http://www.THEMAGICINLFE.com

    The online voting for the Breast Fest Film Fest is now done (http://www.breastfestfilmfest.com/shortscontest.shtml)… we simply didn’t have the same ‘social network’ online support that other entries had even though our film could have easily swept the competition if the judging was based on quality, effectiveness, creativity + overall production value.

    Here is the link to the winning film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6igPYHpZQc

    Here is the link to our film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAFPM1lsWlk

    We will continue to produce more in THE MAGIC IN LIFE film series – we are totally convinced that our VcardTV production team is tough to beat and extremely talented – we invite you to revisit our film and judge for yourself!

    With appreciation + friendship


    19.10.2010 00:42

  37. dmnikas:


    Hi Michael,
    I know it smarts that you didn’t win, but you did come out on top because you produced a great film and ended up in the finals! We are all proud of you and hope you’ll continue doing great works. What a wonderful, fullfilling life you and Winnie and the kids are having. Something good always happens when you follow your dreams and direct everything from the heart. The fruits of your efforts will be shown in other ways. Today, ask yourself what did we learn, how did we grow and how can we move forward as a result of those teachings. Love to you all.

    19.10.2010 20:12

  38. dmnikas:


    ah well, we always knew it was a crapshoot . . . I had tons of positive feedback from people I sent the link to, so I know our film was very well received. I think getting onto the list of finalists is a truer gauge than the voting. So congratulations are still in order!

    Hawaii was fantastic . . . maybe the next film could be shot there???


    19.10.2010 20:13

  39. dmnikas:

    DARIUS SOKAL wrote:

    Be proud, Michael. It’s a great piece of work with a wonderful message.

    19.10.2010 20:14

  40. dmnikas:


    Congratulations Michael… It takes a lot to enter these competitions and still have your head held high when completed. Kudos to you and your team –for spreading the message. Well done.

    19.10.2010 20:15

  41. dmnikas:


    Good spirit Michael!

    Social media is KeY in todays market place.

    Good Job!

    19.10.2010 20:16

  42. DMNikas:

    We acknowledge the generous donation of $500 from Fred Dreise freddreise@providenciaproperties.com

    10.03.2012 18:42

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